Skyrim is the best RPG I've ever played!

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Skyrim is the best RPG I've ever played! Empty Skyrim is the best RPG I've ever played!

Post  Salish on Thu May 10, 2012 11:46 am

Hello all. I'm hopelessly addicted to Skyrim and love the podcast. I just finished my third play through and I’m just amazed at how different each experience was. Each of my characters had a completely different feel. And there is SO much content, that I am still finding new places to explore and entire quests chains to do.

Here are the three characters I’ve played:

Lucius is a Breton Mage. His overriding motivation is to amass arcane knowledge and power. He joined the Mage’s College at Winterhold, where he concentrated his study on Destruction and Conjuration magic. Eventually, he worked his way up to Arch Mage of the college. He has no interest in politics and remained neutral in Skyrim’s civil war. As the Dragonborn, he was able to combine his shouts and magic power to defeat Alduin.

Beorn is a Nord Warrior. In battle he relies on his heavy armor, a two handed great sword, and his own strength to destroy his enemies. Upon reaching Whiterun, he joined the Companions and eventually worked his way up to become their leader. He is a true son of Skyrim, and considers Ulfric to be his sovereign king. As such, he joined the Stormcloak rebellion and help Ulfric defeat the Imperial occupation. He took great pleasure in personally executing General Tulius. As the Dragonborn, he was able to combine his shouts and physical strength to defeat Alduin.

Salish is a Bosmer Archer and Thief. He relies on stealth and the power of his bow to kill his enemies from a distance. Rarely is Salish seen by his targets. He spent a brief time at the College of Winterhold studying Illusion magic and then made his way to Riften to join the Thieves Guild. He put all his effort into restoring the guild to its former glory. After years of work performing missions and establishing contacts in the capital cities, Salish worked his way up to Leader of the Thieves Guild, and the guild is once again flourishing under his leadership. As the Dragonborn, he was able to combine his shouts and deadly bow to defeat Alduin.

I just can’t get enough Skyrim, and I’m already planning my next two characters:

Mordor will be an Altmer Necromancer and Assassin. He will be a truly evil character who will seek out and join the Dark Brotherhood. He will remain neutral in Skyrim’s civil war, seeking only to sow chaos wherever he goes.

Romulus will be an Imperial Knight. He is devoted to the Impire and considers Ulfric to be a lawless traitor. He will rely on his sword and shield to restore Imperial law wherever he goes.

Happy Hunting!


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