*A Gentleman's Guide to Role-playing*

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*A Gentleman's Guide to Role-playing*

Post  Laurphiin on Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:54 pm

So I'm roleplaying Skyrim currently. My difficulty is set to Master level, I assume since it's the hardest it's also the most realistic(I mean I doubt a few swings of an axe would kill a bloody dragon, and I don't expect ME to stand up against fire breath IRL). So basically, I'm playing this game the way I would probably be living in it.

I play on PS3, so I don't have any elaborate mods that would come, EXTREMELY, in handy. So I don't have the mods to create lockpicks, arrows, or have the ability to smelt things I don't need anymore. That's a bummer, which is why I want a gaming PC so badly.

So at first I stuck with more basic principles:

> I sleep and I eat breakfast & dinner.
> I have a system that makes up for time spent crafting things - ie: I use the WAIT option for various things:
>* crafting/upgrading armor: 5-6 in-game hours for crafting, about 2-3 for upgrading.
>* crafting/upgrading weapons: 3-4 in-game hours for crafting, about 2-3 for upgrading.
>* tanning leather: 2-3 in-game hours, I should think.
>* reading a book: about 4 in-game hours I think. It depends on how long a read it is. It may go on longer.
>* eating: 1 in-game hour.
>* enchanting: 2-3 in-game hours, I ASSUME this is somewhat correct. I don't know, I would think so.
>* alchemy: about...psssshhhhhh.. 2-3 hours? Sounds about right; you decide.

I think that's about it. It's a bit immersive and you spend a lot of in-game days not doing much if you're crafting a lot.

So once I had the main plan for how to make it realistic down, I then had to figure out who my character is. Well, he's a Bosmer Wood-Elf named Laurphiin Mist-Arrow. He's NOT an adventurer, yet. I have a backstory, but it's mostly just plot that gives him a reason to end up in Skyrim.

So I only just now, about a week since Helgen, left Riverwood. And I don't mean I left Riverwood for somewhere else, I just mean I ventured out to reclaim the Golden Claw. Before that I just chopped wood, hunted(unsuccessfully), and crafted some stuff to sell. I'm trying to collect a nifty sum of coin before I journey out and beyond Riverwood, because I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to venture out into unknown lands without some decent provisions. I'm using Light Armor, I think. I crafted Leather Armor and used it in the Barrow, and a few minutes ago I crafted my first set of Iron Armor, but just the chestplate.

So anyway, Bleak Falls Barrow was a different sort of experience this time(like the 7th time I've done it) because I brought along Faendal, Riverwood's own woodcutting Wood-Elf. He was a bit useful.... as a distraction. I was using sneak/archery throughout the Barrow, so I didn't really need him that much. But when we were almost through the Barrow, Faendal was badly injured and kneeling on the floor. Some Draugr attacked me and I had to fight them off. Once they were dead I looked for Faendal, but I couldn't find him anywhere. I thought he must have actually died.

So I pressed on with Faendal. I reached the Inner Sanctum, found the Word Wall, and battled the final Draugr. Only after all THAT, did I escape back into Skyrim only to find....... FAENDAL! OMGWTFBBQ, DUDE?! You're alive?! Then that means... you just left me in there to deal with those Draugr all by myself!

But whatever. We got back to town and delivered Lucan his reclaimed Golden Claw.

Here's where it gets more roleplay-y, and I thought of this just on the fly:

So told Faendal I needed to trade some things with him. I gave him my (FINE)Hide Helmet I made for Alvor, my Steel Axe, AND I gave him 35 pieces of gold for helping me fight through the Barrow.

I paid him. I had never even thought of that before.

So we said goodbye and went out separate ways, and my Wood-Elf got 2 extra hours of sleep that night.


In conclusion: all of that nonsense is my guide for how to truly(as far as I know) roleplay in Skyrim to its fullest extent.

Now, you guys may think that's really lame/boring/stupid/ or whatever, but hear me out. I bought Skyrim on launch day, 11-11-11(sexy). I have poured LITERALLY, hundreds upon hundreds of hours into this game. I quit my last job before Skyrim came out and didn't get another one(I start College in May and I'm moving to the city on Monday where I'll find a job), so I had LOADS of time to play this game, and I haven't even finished all the storylines! And once you've played this game as long as I have, with a dozen characters whose playstyles were a bit varied(mostly warriors, one sneak/assasin, and one pure mage), THIS keeps the game fresh. It may take a VERY long time to get anywhere, but that's ok. This way it feels more personal, as if the limitations we would face are being faced by our characters, it just feels more immersive.

So that's my whole spiel, thanks for reading. And if you're doing what I'm doing, feel free to record your travels in this thread.

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Re: *A Gentleman's Guide to Role-playing*

Post  Minus2Degrees on Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:27 am

I'll be in shortly, I'm currently searching for Esbern in the Ratway with my Orc-a-saurus, Kharnus Kor. More to come...
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