So Disappointed (Civil War SPOILER!)

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So Disappointed (Civil War SPOILER!)

Post  Herxes on Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:56 am

So I finished the Civil War on the empire's side last night.

I'm so disappointed with how it ends, well I would be disappointed if there was anything to actually be disappointed about!

I've sank hours killing an untold amount of stormcloaks, travelled the map from samey fort to fort taking them over....

Finally I get to Ulfric, the man who had made my blood boil with his taunts and pomposity.

I best him and what does he do? Ask for me to kill him as "it'll make a better song". You're built up to hate this man's arrogance and that he is disrupting so many lives with his false ideals. It would have been infinitely better had he begged for or at least yelled "Skyrim for the Nords" but no you get this man who doesn't really care and at best makes it like you'd be doing him a favour.

"Oh well" no satisfaction there whatsoever. Besides this is what I'd consider the 2nd "main" quest line so I must be in for some major goodies right? I mean I've heard what you get for thieves guild, Mage college and dark brotherhood. Do I get a palatial suite in castle dour? A commander rank imperials will refer to me as? A unique set of armour? No. A leveled sword which you either accept at ulfrics request or are given by the general (which I could have made better than or found in any given chest).


What a waste of time especially as there are any number of good things I could have been doing which carry far greater rewards.

Any number of things could have been put in to make this worthwhile. They could have had it that the general is killed by Ulfric or his 2nd and YOU are made general with the running of castle dour. Like I said killing Ulfric could have been made satisfying there could have been a relevant reward or something to show you've almost single handedly won a war.

To add insult to injury you ask legate Rikka or the general what can you do for the legion now and they reply the equivalent of "why don't you go and skip off through the forest and pick flowers"

I'd suggest if you haven't done this, don't bother. Unless I've missed some massive bonus that will be sat wrapped up when I return to Breezehome. Doubt it.

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