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Rules of a Round Robin Thread Empty Rules of a Round Robin Thread

Post  Joe Wilson on Sat Feb 25, 2012 9:07 pm

Hi all,

a few people have been intrested in Round Robin RP. What is Round Robin RP? its simple really:

The person who starts the thread is the "main character" and sets the story. everyone who joins in controls their charactor and may interact with other "players" characters but must stick to the personality and story of the charactor they are interacting with.

1) no slander, keep it reletivily clean
2) when speaking out of char please use the format: (OOC: i think ill take my char a diffrent direction). basicly use () and ooc so that people understand it is not apart of the story.
3) do not spam
4) do not "crash" a story. IE: killing off another players char or changeing the main story. the person who started the thread is the "lead".

I got my start in writing by doing a round robin story that became very popular and even recieved fan mail. so let your imaginations run wild and have fun with this. i might even join in a couple Smile
Joe "the wigit" Wilson
Joe Wilson
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