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Post  Candc4 on Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:02 am

I am Candc4 (Pronounced: See and See 4. In case you were wondering)
This is a forum role-play.

  • Time Travel based off of FF XIII 2
  • Skyrim's leveling system
  • Tough bosses with lots of strategy

The plot:
A long time ago, in a land that was a very different from today, there lived a Wizard. This wizard being a pure and good hearted man lived in peace, before an over-confident hero came along and humiliated him, by breaking into his house at night, and stealing his best wizard robes and burning them. The wizard tried to resist, but the champion was just to powerful for the him.

He pledged his life to defeating the champion. To do this he needed to train, so he did. He trained every hour of every day for of every week, until he felt like he couldn't become any stronger...However, he never got even close to matching the champion's strength, and gradually grew angry with anything and everything in this world, and so he eventually fell into darkness.

One day, he started destroying everything around him in a blind fury. This caught the attention of Chaos, the God of Discord, who came down and offered the wizard his unspeakable powers for his soul. However, Chaos told him this is a one time deal and that the effects would could not be reversed. He was also informed that he would not be able to die of old age.

The wizard agreed and was given ultimate power, and then challenged his rival in a one-on-one fight in a battle that would kill his rival and everyone in a 100-mile radius...but this power came with a price: his soulless body had become weak to the evils of the world, and so he could easily become evil.

This became frighteningly more apparent as demons came from his dreams into this world. The fact that he could no longer have nice dreams, only dreams filled with fire, shrieks of agony, pain and suffering began turning him into something much more evil and sinister...

He became a darkest most powerful wizard that ever lived, but now this wizard can sense the presence of a group of strong heroes, destined to destroy him, he knows of there presence and he wonders, are they the ones who will finally put him out of his misery?

Candc4 as Caius Ballad from FF-XIII 2

Alignment: Evil

As the immortal overseer of the timeline, he gained vast knowledge of every possible scenario and uses it to his advantage. He is described as a person with a calm personality, but he rarely displays his emotions, making it difficult for others to tell what his thoughts or intentions are, but he has an unwavering determination. However, once his goals are revealed, Caius becomes more emotional and filled with rage in his conviction.

Race: Caius
Regen Health= 0 (no heath regen)
Regen Magicka= 0 (no magicka regen)
Regen Stamina= 150% (Stamina regens 50% faster)
Greater Power= Chaos Behemoth: change player mesh to "Chaos Behemoth", set health to 9999, set health regen to -1 (health decay 1pt per second), set magicka to 450, set potion use to 0 (no potion use), set weapon use to 0 (no weapon use), set item "chaos behemoth armor" to 1 (chaos armor is now a playable item) equip item "chaos behemoth armor" set (equips armor) set armor unequip to 0 (can not longer unequip armor).
Lesser Power= Power Shift: restore 70 magicka. Costs: 100 Stamina.

Health= 1000
Magicka= 500
Stamina= 800

Spells: (I may still have to balance them):

Wings of Darkest Night: 40 Darkness Damage on Target, Restore 10 Health on self. Magicka Cost: 35
Chain Breaker: Dispel 100 % on self, Chain Stun for 2 seconds 200 ft, 10 health damage on Self for 2 seconds. Magicka Cost: 25
Absolution: Faster Attacks 75% for 30 seconds, Resist Magicka 50% for 30 seconds, Armor 125pt's for 30 seconds. Magicka Cost: 50
Eye of Chaos: Take 60% more damage and deal 70% more damage for 20 seconds. Magicka Cost: 15
Soul of Chaos: Restore 150 health on self, damage health 10pt's 200 ft. Magicka Cost: 35


Name Damage
Charge Charge cost Weapon type
Drain Magicka 20
2 Handed

If Goal_134 = 1
Set to "2"

If Goal_235 = 1
Set to "3"

If Goal_367 = 1
Set to "4"

Battle Script"1"
If Current Health > 80%
Use Spell "Chain Breaker"
Set Health % to 100
end if
if Current Health > 0
if PlayerHitMe = 1
Check Player Health
end if
end if
if Player Health < 30%
Use Spell "Absolution"
Set Player Status to "3plr"
end if
if Player Status = "3plr"
Use Spell "Eye of Chaos"
end if
If Current <300
Use Spell "Soul of Chaos"
End if

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