The unmarriable Dovahkin

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The unmarriable Dovahkin Empty The unmarriable Dovahkin

Post  Magdinor on Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:23 pm

Anyone else have this problem? I've had two runthroughs that this happens ,one just the other day.

You get Ysolda her mammoth tusk -- Its a good day, but ignores the Mara necklace
Temba her bear pelts -- likewise ignores the necklace
Companion quests through to end -- Aela, Ria, and the other one show no interest.
Bought Breezehome -- Lydia shows no interest.

So here I am with a lovely Lakeview Manor complete with bard, stewerd, carriage driver and can I get married? I'm beginning to think I'm daedra cursed or something.

Playing on a 360 is there ANY WAY to notice early on that your toon has the curse of eternal bachelorhood? Or better yet cure it? My lonely nords would like to know...


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