100 enchanting is AWESOME!

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100 enchanting is AWESOME! Empty 100 enchanting is AWESOME!

Post  SoCHobbit on Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:04 am

I LOVE 100 Enchanting, the enchantments are so strong, and I can put TWO of them on! Since I like RPing my character (thank your for encouraging me by saying you do it too evarwyn!) I go for enchanting first, I spend every septium I have on soul gems, and die so much in the azuras star quest because I am too lower leveled for that quest. But with 100 I can RP every quest, If i want to be a stormcloak, i can wear the armour and play the part, but still use my playstyle (be it magic rouge etc) same with any faction...save perhaps the DB and Thieves guild since those armour sets are pre set and not disenchantable. works with mages college cause you can find robes without preset enchantments on them. I also will have multiple sets for what Im doing. If Im being evil I have set of ebony armour that makes me look like a dark lord. if I want to look like the ultimate BA Dovahkiin, I pull out my dragonplate armour, you get the idea. plus there are so many awesome armour mods out there that I can enchant too!


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