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Post  Acefisher1 on Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:15 pm

So I play a few tabletop games, and it's always been a topic of discussion on what we all find as inspiration for our models, storylines, etc...

Skyrim is a game particularly rich in content that has been created over the years, nearly tailor made for it, without ever happening on purpose. I'm going to list some movies that really inspire me to play, and even give me ideas for characters and playstyles.

My favorite is an obvious one.

13th Warrior
This is a movie made with norse warriors called to answer a call for help. They arrive to find they're combating an unknown foe of myth that has caused very real horrors on a small town.
13 Warriors comprise their warband. 13 of which we can draw different playstyles, looks, and very specific moral choices even. These characters are all very well described within a short film that is easily referred back to.

Conan Series
Obvious in it's own right. Although, you may also find inspiration for wizards, rogues, and any variation of warrior types. I recommend the older films with Arnold more than any of the newer material.

A Song of Ice and Fire series
This is an ideal setting. The world of Ice and Fire is actually very similar to the Elder Scrolls in many ways. Granted it isn't exact, you can find more ideas in these books than any of us has time to even create the characters. The HBO series (which starts season 2 tonight) is a great place to watch for inspiration, but not anything nearly as good as the books as far as detail and character development.

The Winter King and Arthur Tales by Bernard Cornwell
This is an amazing book in addition to being a perfect source of inspiration for any number of characters, and just being in the general mood to play Skyrim. I really can't recommend this book enough, so here is a link to the authors page for them - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Saxon stories by Bernard Cornwell
These are amazing books about the final years of the saxons before christianity overtook the lands. A virtual goldmine for characters and great detail. Really anything by Cornwell is perfect for this. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

There is a ton more content out there, but I'd like to stop here for now, and see what you guys think of the suggestions listed above, and let you add a few of your own.


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